Paella in Sitges: here the best restaurants

We know you come to our little corner of the world to enjoy the finer things in life, and what better than an authentic touch of Spanish cuisine we’ve been perfecting for generations. If you ask one of the locals here in Sitges what’s on the menu, the chances are Paella won’t be far from the top of this list.

The only problem is that with so much demand for a Spanish favourite (including plenty of tourist traps), there is no shortage of restaurants claiming to have authentic Paella. That’s why we want to treat you to our thoughts on half a dozen of the very best places to get authentic Paella in Sitges.


Restaurante de Paella Santa Maria – Passeig de la Ribera in 52, Sitges

Located on the promenade, this restaurant is a classic paella in Sitges. It specializes in all types of rice and noodle dishes as well as fresh seafood.

Its cuisine is typically Mediterranean and served in generous portions, either indoors or on the terrace facing the sea. Where: Pg de la Ribera, 52.


Restaurante Zodiaco – Calle Bonaire 39, Sitges

This is a family restaurant, those that preserve the memory of past, downtown times, but away from the bustle of the promenade. It is one of the establishments that should not miss in your path paella in Sitges.

They have a good paella with seafood and if you want to try something a little different, also prepare paella with artichokes.


Restaurante de Paella Mare Nostrum – Passeig de la Ribera 60, Sitges

Its privileged seafront location and its varied menu there is a wide variety of paellas and rice are some of the things to note about this restaurant where you can eat some of the best paellas in Sitges.

The restaurant is run as a family business which was founded by Josep Marti in March 1950 and is today capably managed by his sons, Leopoldo and Josep.

With Leopoldo, the master in the kitchen, and Josep responsible for front of house, they are complemented by Montse, responsible for deserts and Ezequiel for the fine wine cellar. Mare Nostrum is in the hands of a team who are determined to ensure that it will retain its reputation as one of the best culinary experiences in Sitges.


Komokieras Paella Restaurant – Carrer d’Espalter 23, Sitges

If you want something that gives you a taste of the old country, you need to find a restaurant that cooks in a traditional way. By using a large fire and preparing the dish critically (without stirring it around), the chefs here create a dish which arrives at your plate with the sticky bottom sticky bursting with flavour. This is called the socarrat and it’s a caramelised treat that’s bursting with fresh, local flavours you’ll want to sample night after night. 


Casa Vilella Sitges – Passeig Marítim 21

A meal with a view is what’s on the menu here with a little help from the inspired beachfront position that makes the Casa Vilella the envy of many. The fully colonial style combines with a fancy contemporary kitchen to create a fine dining experience that has to be tasted to be believed. The prices are a little higher than some of the others in town, but the taste you get for it more than justifies the cost. Highly recommended if you want to taste a great Paella in style. 


Can Laury Paella Restaurant – Av. del Port d’Aiguadolç 49, Sitges

Hot on the heels of the previous entry has to be the Can Laury. Blessed with stunning views, exemplary service, and all the personal touches that instantly make you feel at ease, this is a place that’s sure to be a favourite of yours for years and years. Add in their commitment to sourcing local, seasonal produce and you have the recipe for a dining experience that’s about so much more than just one of the best paellas in the local area. 


La Taberna del Puerto – Av. del Port d’Aiguadolç 24, Sitges

Nestled in the centre of town and something of a hidden gem, La Taberna del Puerto offers a stunning range of eat and takeout options. Top of their list is a freshly cooked seafood paella that comes complete with the catch of the day adding the extra bite and flavour every authentic dish needs to have. A must-visit location for anyone looking to see what fresh cooking is really all about. 


A La Masia Restaurante – Passeig de Vilanova 164, Sitges

A Catalan style offering is on the menu here, and it’s safe to say that it’s place in the local folklore is assured. The place feels like home from the moment you walk in the door, the paella gets your tastebuds dancing with delight, and the way the natural light flows around the place really does put you at ease like never before. Ideal if you want to enjoy a hearty, healthy meal with friends and family in an authentic Catalan manor. 


L’anxaneta Sitges Paella Restaurant – Carretera dels Cards 54, Sitges

In the heart of Sant Pere de Ribes lies a very Catalan experience that’s sure to make you want to visit all over again. The atmosphere is calm and understated, beautifully offsetting the rich, vibrant nature of the food which is fast becoming the stuff of local legend. Add in the local musicians who often stop by and you have an evening that’s sure to never fade from memory. 

Now that you know a little more about your options, it’s over to you to take your pick, take your first bite of local paella, and then see if you can ask the chef for their recipe.

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