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Sitges Nightlife: The Best Clubs and Bars in Sitges (Gay Friendly!)

For those looking to plan the perfect night out in Sitges, look no further! And for those who aren’t sure you feel like going out on your first night, we’re sure we can persuade you! 

With more clubs and bars per square mile than many of the major tourist resorts out there, Sitges is the place to be when you want to cut loose and have fun. You can expect a friendly, relaxed and inclusive experience that’s sure to leave you wanting to come back for more. Love the sound of that and want to know where to head to? Take a look at this…


Sitges Nightlife: Casablanca Cocktail Bar

Starting your night with a relaxing cocktail on the rocks is the perfect way to build yourself up to a night that will live long in the memory for all the right reasons. Step through the door and you’ll instantly be greeted by an elegant, classy ambience that’s sure to put you at ease from the moment you take your seat. 


Behind the bar lies every type of mixer you can imagine, and a whole load more that are ready and waiting for you to discover them for the very first time. Perfect when you want to get your night off to a stylish start that really gets you in the mood for the fun to come. 


Sitges Nightlife: Tres Quarts Sitges Sports Bar

When you’re in Sitges there’s no time limit on fun, which means heading to the sports bar in the middle of the day is always on the agenda. You can take in any live sporting event that catches your eye, all while enjoying classic American bar food that’s sure to leave you excited to come back tomorrow. 

Seasonal offerings and offers around major matches and games are the norm here, so expect to want to come back several times throughout your stay. There’s also a stunning sound system that makes you feel like you’re right there in the midst of the action, all while you sit back and take it easy right here in the heart of Sitges. 


Sitges Nightlife: Beach House

This is the place to start your day when you want to try some local cocktails with a full cooked breakfast in tow. Beach House is in a prime location looking out over so many of the other places you’ll want to go and it’s sure to get you in the mood. 

Inside you’ll get a friendly and relaxed vibe that instantly makes you feel like you’re sitting on the shoreline, listening to the ocean lap at the shore. This makes it a great little spot to chat about the fun you all had the night before while also making plans for your next epic adventure. Keep it on your shortlist of places you’ll try on your first full day and you’re definitely not going to leave disappointed. 


Sitges Nightlife: La Sitgetana Craft Beer (Brewery)

A great little spot for the connoisseurs among you who want to be able to take your time and sample some of the finest craft beer the region has to offer. The atmosphere is relaxed and understated, giving you a nice contrast to the constant energy and chaos of some of the spots that come to life after dark. A great little option for those of you who fancy something a little different that will get you in the mood for the bars and clubs later in the night. 


Sitges Nightlife: Nirvana Lounge Port Sitges

A great option for those who love live music and a stunning atmosphere you’ll simply never want to leave. They’re used to catering for large groups who arrive unannounced, so don’t let your numbers put you off from walking through the door and having hours of fun. Add in the stunning location and you truly have a setting for the night out to end all nights out when it comes to having fun in the heart of Sitges. 


Sitges Nightlife: La Villa

We love the idea of heading to La Villa with a small group of you so you can really take in everything it has to offer. It’s a relaxed, intimate setting that makes you feel like one of the locals as soon as you arrive. You’ll also be able to have your pick of anything on the menu with the minimum of crush at the bar thanks to the swift service and compact venue size. Ideal for those of you who want to be able to get into the spirit of things without being thrown straight in at the deep end. 


Best Gay Bars in Sitges!

As if all of the above weren’t enough, we’ve also picked out a few of the best gay bars Sitges has to offer so you know where to head. Ideal if you want to get into the swing of things and enjoy one of the most welcoming, open and inclusive atmospheres you’ll find anywhere on the continent. 



Get ready to dance the night away in style when you head to a venue that has a big reputation, and an even bigger sound system! Everything is geared towards making you feel welcome and at ease so you can be yourself, meet new people and have more fun than you’ve had in years. Add in the reasonable prices and late closing time and you have the recipe for a venue that’s sure to become an instant favourite for your entire group. All you have to do now is see if it still tops your list when you get through these next three…


Bears Bar Sitges

Want to meet your very own group of bears and get in on the fun? Thought that might get your attention! Bears Bar Sitges is the perfect name for a venue that delivers exactly what it says on the tin. There’s a bar with every type of drink you’ll ever want, it’s in the heart of Sitges, and as soon as you come inside you’ll see that it really is wall-to-wall bears in every direction you look. Perfect when you want to cut loose and be yourself in a welcoming atmosphere that leaves judgements at the door. 


Parrots Pub & Terrace

If you haven’t heard of the Parrots group of pubs you’ll remember the name forever after one stay in Sitges. They’ve taken over the town in so many ways, offering everyone the chance to be themselves and have fun in their own personal way. The inclusive settings and eclectic range of drinks and music is perfect for anyone looking to find somewhere they finally feel like they’re at home. Pay it a visit and the chances are you’ll never want to leave. 


XXL Disco Bar

Last but by no means least, can we tempt you in with one of the most iconic gay bars in all of Sitges? XXL Disco Bar is the place to be when you want nothing but bears and proud gay men looking to unwind and have a good time. It’s a relaxed, energised and welcoming space for anyone looking to have fun while expressing who they are while free from judgements. If there’a a better description of everything a gar bar in Sitges should be, we haven’t found it yet.