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A quick guide to Sagrada Familia

If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, be sure to add the Sagrada Familia to your list of places to visit. This iconic church is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city, and for good reason – its architecture is stunningly beautiful. But if you’re not familiar with Sagrada Familia, or if you want to learn more about it before your trip, read on for a quick guide to this fascinating landmark.


A brief background

The Sagrada Familia is a large unfinished Roman Catholic church situated in Barcelona, Spain. Commissioned in 1882, it has been designed and built by a never-ending cast of professional architects and designers; the latest of these being Antoni Gaudi himself. Whilst it’s still unfinished to this day, the Sagrada Familia can still be visited by tourists from all over the globe. Even in its uncompleted form, visitors have praised the artistic details and extensive scale that make up the structure. Professional projects are constantly ongoing at the location, aiming to eventually bring Gaudi’s vision for the iconic building to full fruition. Thanks to his remarkable design and ambition, what was once merely an idea is now one of Spain’s most beloved tourist attractions.


Architectural Features

Sagrada Familia is an architectural masterwork. Its unique architecture is world renowned, captivating both professional and tourist crowds alike. Professional architects are enthralled by its design and construction. Antoni Gaudi’s massive and mysterious project features playful spires, intricate façades, and grand columns. The monumental building is truly a breath-taking feat of unlike any other in the world. Its elaborate intricate structure is also full of stunning gothic-style spires decorated with colorful glasswork. The exterior and interior are in complete contrast to one another making both the inside and outside a must-see for visitors to the church. Furthermore, every corner of the church has a specific feature and meaning carefully thought out by Gaudi himself.


Symbolism in Sagrada Familia

Professional and tourist visitors to the Sagrada Familia are left in awe of the beautiful symbolism throughout the church. Sagrada Familia incorporates many esoteric elements into its design. For example, the sculpted stone façade of its Nativity side resembles that of a large book, symbolizing the Bible, while Gaudi’s unmistakable style can be seen on many of its architectural details – such as on its balconies and fluted columns. On the upper level, three large rose windows represent the Holy Trinity and feature artistic depictions of figures from both nature as well as Catholic stories. Inside, eight tall bell towers showcase large stained-glass windows full of vibrant geometric shapes designed to stimulate an emotional response from viewers. Indeed, Sagrada Familia is a remarkable cathedral steeped in symbolism.


Touring Sagrada Familia

Touring Sagrada Familia is an experience that all tourists should prioritize when visiting Barcelona. Professional tour guides bring the structure to life through the stories behind its history, architecture, and design. Its remarkable art-nouveau, Romanesque Revival styles of architecture coupled with its many sculptures make it one of the most spectacular sights in Spain. Visitors can choose from a variety of tours ranging from self-guided audio tours to guided visits with access to all areas including the towers and ateliers. Tourists will leave feeling inspired and in awe by Antoni Gaudi’s masterful work that continues to be constructed today.


Tips for Visiting

Here are some quick tips to make the most of your visit to Sagrada Familia:

Plan your trip well in advance. By booking ahead of time you’ll skip the long queues. It’s also a good idea to research the church in advance so you can fully appreciate its opulent interior and intricate exteriors. This is especially important if you decide to do the self guided audio tour. You can download the app in advance and familiarize yourself. Otherwise, opt for a tour guide who can explain the history and significance of this iconic landmark in much more detail. In terms of timing, try to avoid visiting the Sagrada Familia on weekends, holy days and summer holidays if possible as these are usually flooded by enthusiastic tourists. The best time of day to visit is usually in the early morning, the  church quickly fills up after the first groups are admitted entry. If you’re there early enough you’ll have some extra space for the first hour.


Getting to and From Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is located at the corner of Carrer de Marina and Avinguda de Gaudí in the Eixample district. Since it’s conveniently located in the city center, there are many ways to get to and from this special spot. For those looking for a more economical way to travel, public transportation includes the bus or metro system. Alternatively, there are plenty of taxis around Barcelona to get you there, and lots of taxis also waiting outside the church to take visitors home. It’s easy to walk to as well, and if it’s not too far we recommend this option so you can get to know the local area around the church, such as the plaça Gaudi and plaça Sagrada Familia.


Photography at Sagrada Familia

Taking photos at Sagrada Familia is both allowed and encouraged. Professional photographers will have to obtain a permit from the tourist office to take photographs for commercial use. However, tourists are welcome to take photos inside and outside of this beautiful building to capture special memories from their travels. Professional photographers often come to snap shots of the basilica’s intricate facades, captivating spires and breathtaking lighting via the stained glass windows. Be sure to bring your camera when you visit the Sagrada Familia, as it’s sure to provide an abundance of photos that could fill any album with memories for a lifetime.

Visiting Sagrada Familia is an unforgettable experience for tourists in Barcelona. This iconic church, designed by Antoni Gaudi, is a masterpiece of art-nouveau architecture and is still under construction today. There are a variety of tours available, ranging from self-guided audio tours to guided visits with access to all areas including the towers and ateliers. In terms of timing, try to avoid visiting on weekends, holy days and summer holidays if possible as these are usually flooded by enthusiastic tourists. The best time of day to visit is usually in the early morning before the crowds arrive. Photography inside and outside of the church is allowed and encouraged.


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