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Weddings abroad: destination weddings in Spain

Planning the biggest day of them all and want to escape for a destination wedding in Spain? We’ve made a home for ourselves in sunny Sitges, so we certainly don’t blame you for wanting to get away from home and enjoy your wedding in the sunshine!

To give you a better idea of the work involved and the key things you need to think about, we’ve put together a quick intro guide that will get things off to a fast start.

Have a read, have a think and then get in touch whenever you’re ready for an expert helping hand. Enjoy! 


Why get married in Spain?

Getting married in Spain is something that allows you to do things your way, immerse yourself in a vibrant culture and make memories that never fade. Unlike back home you’ll find that the weather is virtually always flawlessly sunny, which gives you a whole host of extra options when it comes to outdoor ceremonies and receptions. 

Spain also has the added bonus of an artistic and elegant traditional culture that lends itself to a variety of stunning architectural backdrops. If you want to enjoy a unique traditional setting that you won’t find at home, Spain will offer plenty of ideas around every corner.

There’s also the option of having your wedding reception at a historic Spanish “Masia” (manor) as you gaze at the beautiful mountains. Something that will stay with you forever as you tie the knot in style like you’ve always wanted. 


How do you pick your wedding venue abroad?

A lot of visitors to Spain choose to have their weddings in hotels because of the large range of all-inclusive packages that are on offer. If you’re looking to have a Spanish wedding on a budget, hotels can be a good fit as you’ll likely have a package price.

The problem is that hotels lack the charm of an authentic Spanish wedding. If you want to get the real Spanish experience, choosing an historic property that has been restored is one of the best options. Something as unique as a Spanish villa is a perfect wedding venue to immerse yourself in the culture for your special day. By having the run of the place and full exclusive use, you can make sure that you and your wedding party feel truly catered for from beginning to end. 

If you choose the right villa, you can also enjoy a fully inclusive experience with fantastic Spanish catering, decorations and evening entertainment all included. This is ideal as you’ll have the inclusive nature and ease of planning that a hotel offers, while creating a unique wedding and authentic feel that you get at a masia or villa. 

Event spaces are another popular choice for this same reason, but you’ll need to think in detail about the capacity. If you book somewhere that’s far too large for the number of guests you’ll lose the intimacy of a small group wedding. 

If you pick somewhere too small then you’ll have the opposite problem. Get the balance right and you’ll have a wedding to remember for all the right reasons. 

Perhaps the biggest question to ask yourself is whether or not you want to have the wedding ceremony in a church?

If you want to have it in a church then you will want to check that this is inline with the local customs and that your denomination is catered for at your church of interest. For those who don’t want a church wedding, you can have a symbolic ceremony at your chosen venue. You can have a church wedding and the party at your venue, or you can have a symbolic wedding in nature at the venue, and the celebration there as well. 

Weddings are such a personal, intimate thing that you shouldn’t be swayed by what others think. You’ll know the right arrangement for the two of you when you find it! 


How to choose the right wedding services for you?

Choosing services like catering, music, and sound & lights is something that can take time, but it doesn’t have to! Assuming you’re not going down the all-inclusive route with a hotel, as mentioned above, you can contact a venue that has years of experience of planning Spanish weddings with couples from abroad.

The right planning team will start with catering so you can then base the rest of your reception around it. You’ll have all the standard things like dietary options, allergies and picking something that the majority of your guests are going to love. 

Be sure to ask about things like a hired bar, desserts and midnight snacks. If you’re staying at the venue for several days you can also ask the catering team to provide home chef meals as well. Take the stress away from having to cook yourself and enjoy five star catering during your stay.

Lighting and music can typically be handled by the same provider, and the earlier they can get full details of your venue size and timings for the day the better. Give them some freedom to recommend options and you’ll get the perfect balance between what you want and what will work best in your chosen setting. 

The other key service to think about is whether you want any babysitters, drivers, or cleaners to help things go smoothly. These little touches really do make all the difference on the day, so look for some local specialists who can be flexible and give you ideas on the best staff to guest ratios. 


Should I hire a wedding planner?

Finding someone who speaks the local language and has connections to good service providers can be priceless when you’re arranging a wedding in Spain. Not only will it give you the peace of mind that allows you to enjoy the buildup so much more, it’ll also make sure you don’t miss out on great local options when you’re at the mercy of Google search results. If you want a personal, local wedding that feels like you’re all one big family, a local wedding planner is the person who can make it happen. If you’re looking at a specific venue, it’s a good idea to ask if they provide a one-stop-shop with trusted in-house wedding planning teams.  


How do I find a catering company?

Your wedding planner and the owner of your chosen wedding venue will be your first ports of call in terms of catering options. Ask them for recommendations based on the capacity of the wedding venue, guestlist and your own culinary preferences and you’ll get a the best option with their advice.

The best option is to choose a professional catering provider that knows your venue inside and out. This will save you a lot of work and ensure you have a stress-free reception and wedding day. Venues that offer an exclusive or in-house team are a great option because you know they’re familiar with all the aspects of catering for the wedding. They’ll know the best flow from the welcome cava to the midnight snack.


How do I get started for my wedding in Spain?

Now that you know the basics it’s time to start planning your wedding. If you’re considering a wedding outside Barcelona in sunny Sitges, feel free to reach out to us at Sitges Luxury Rentals!

We’ve hosted hundreds of beautiful weddings at our villas over the past 10 years and are a fully inclusive service. You can relax and enjoy your beautiful day with your friends and family while we take care of all the little details.