Luxury Travel: How to Keep it Authentic

Ask travellers about what the best way to connect with a new setting is and some of them will be adamant that it’s backpacking or nothing. Whilst this is certainly a fun way to see the world it may not be for everyone, and it’s certainly not something you can do with elderly relatives or young children.

There is however a new way to travel, and it’s known as ‘Authentic Luxury Travel’. Here’s everything you need to know…


Luxury Doesn’t Mean Exclusive Hotels

When you think of luxury travel you probably think of prohibitively expensive hotels that tower over the local city like giant skyscrapers. Yes, they’re desirable and super relaxing places to stay, but because they’re so imposing they seem to distort the local area around them.

Whole industries pop up to cater to the needs of the guests at the hotels and the whole neighbourhood becomes something of a service industry to the huge chain hotel that towers over it. The food is great, the beds are amazing, the service is incredible, but to some it just doesn’t feel all that authentic. Luckily this is just one way you can experience luxury on your travels…


Luxury is About Connecting

Luxury travel and luxury rentals imply you’re doing something that locals wouldn’t do every single day, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re treating yourself to some much needed rest and relaxation after a long year because it’s time to lie back and relax. The secret is to build your experience into the local community just like we do here in Sitges.

Staying in a luxury rental that’s embedded in the local community is a great way to live like one of the locals for the week, but with some extra creature comforts thrown in for good measure. By enjoying fine local food and beautifully crafted local architecture you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of authenticity without feeling like you’re closed off in a giant chain hotel.


Luxury Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Explore

Going on a sight seeing trip is a great way to explore the local area, and having a guide who can tell you about the place you’re calling home for the next few weeks is a great way to get a crash course. But that doesn’t mean that you need to have a chaperone who leads you from to door to door as you explore nothing but luxury shops and high end restaurants.

A luxury villa rental is a great way to combine a relaxing stay with a touch of the local community because you’ll naturally pop out and explore in a way you wouldn’t necessarily do if you stayed in a large hotel. Buying food for an evening meal at the local market is a great example, or have a local chef cook you a fabulous meal. At a hotel your every whim and need will be catered for, but at your rental you’ll want to feel at home rustle up something for yourself from time to time.

Hopefully this has given you a new insight into the world of travel, and shown you that luxury touches don’t mean closing yourself off from the community you’re staying in.

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