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Michelin Star Restaurants Barcelona, the Complete 2024 Edition

The entire coastal area of Catalonia and Sitges is known for its amazing gastronomy. The sea salt, the natural environment, a bounty of fresh ingredients! It’s no surprise that many of the world’s most renowned chefs are based here. Many of these chefs have turned simple establishments into world-renowned Michelin star restaurants.

Our guests often ask for restaurant recommendations for a special occasion, or if they simply love an amazing dining experience. So, our team at Sitges Luxury Rentals has put together a complete list of all Michelin star restaurants of 2024 in Barcelona.


One Michelin Star Restaurants in Barcelona


At Aleia, guests are treated to a unique dining experience that blends exquisite gastronomy with architectural beauty, situated on the first floor of the iconic Casa Fuster (present-day Hotel Casa Fuster). This masterpiece of Catalan Modernism, crafted by the renowned Lluís Domènech i Montaner in the early 20th century, sets a breathtaking backdrop for the meal. Patrons can indulge in an exclusive tasting menu that reflects a creative and contemporary approach. Under the guidance of the celebrated Paulo Airaudo, Chef Rafa de Bedoya from Jerez weaves together flavors and textures with remarkable consistency, incorporating French and Asian influences into dishes grounded in locally sourced, seasonal produce.


Alkimia by Jordi Vila, features a menu based on tapas to share, which leans on Spain’s traditional warm dining style. A stunning dining room with a truly unique design is combined with the unique dishes blended from locally sourced products.


The second restaurant from the very talented chef, Jordi Cruz. Angle offers complex dishes that are crafted with a high level of skill and expertise. The contemporary atmosphere adds to the experience as you enjoy not just high quality cuisine, but at an excellent value.


This restaurant is celebrated for its innovative approach to cuisine, seamlessly blending traditional flavors with avant-garde techniques to create dishes that are both familiar and thrillingly new. The brainchild of esteemed Chef Jordi Cruz, Atempo is a testament to his culinary prowess and artistic vision. Guests at Atempo are treated to an ambiance that is at once elegant and welcoming, with a meticulously crafted menu that showcases the finest seasonal ingredients sourced from the region. Each dish is a work of art, designed to tell a story and evoke emotions.


Located in the lobby of the Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona hotel, Aürt restaurant features an open concept bar style dining experience which allows you to watch the beautiful dishes being put together directly in front of you. Founder and chef Artur Martínez comes from a family of restaurateurs which is clearly reflected in the passion and creativity put into each dish.


Celebrated for its refined and inventive approach to Mediterranean cuisine, Caelis has earned its Michelin Star through a commitment to elegance and innovation in its dishes, masterfully crafted by Chef Romain Fornell and his team. The restaurant’s ambiance combines luxury with intimacy, providing an exquisite backdrop to its gastronomic creations.

Come by Paco Méndez

Spearheaded by the talented Chef Paco Méndez, this establishment is celebrated for its masterful fusion of traditional Mexican cuisine with contemporary techniques and local Spanish influences. The menu at Come is a vibrant tapestry of flavors, textures, and colors, drawing diners into a gastronomic adventure that transcends borders. With its commitment to quality, creativity, and the meticulous sourcing of ingredients, Come by Paco Méndez offers an exceptional dining experience, where each dish not only pays homage to Méndez’s Mexican heritage but also pushes the boundaries of modern gastronomy, earning its Michelin star and making it a must-visit for culinary enthusiasts exploring Barcelona.

Dos Palillos

Dos Palillos takes diners on a culinary journey through Asia with a Spanish twist, where Chef Albert Raurich, a former El Bulli chef, ingeniously merges Spanish tapas with Asian street food techniques and flavors, creating a unique and adventurous tasting menu. This fusion concept is celebrated for its creativity and boldness, earning it a well-deserved Michelin Star.


The atmosphere and experience of Enigma is truly unique. You are taken through a variety of zones during the experience from food stations to the bar at the end. The executive chef, Albert Adrià, has created a menu based on fish and shellfish and is working towards becoming the forefront of the elBarri restaurant group. Expect an exceptional gastronomic experience that combines a great number of courses, several areas, and excellent wines inside the Enigma!


Boasting a contemporary Catalan dining experience, the Hisop restaurant works only with seasonal ingredients, attempting to find subtle touches to traditional Catalan recipes. Expect an intimate dining experience and a warm and cozy atmosphere in this small restaurant.


Mey Hofmann is the founder of the Hofmann restaurant as well as the School of Hostelry. In addition to offering an incredible dining experience, the michelin star Hofmann Restaurant is a hot spot for many of Barcelona’s up and coming chefs. At the school and restaurant, they study and perfect the art of gastronomy, alongside many experienced chefs.

Koy Shunka

Koy Shunka offers a deep dive into the intricacies of Japanese cuisine, with a particular focus on sushi and kaiseki dishes. Its recognition by Michelin underscores the restaurant’s dedication to authenticity and excellence, showcasing the art of Japanese cooking with a meticulous attention to detail and the freshest ingredients.


The charm of a family-owned restaurant like Lluerna lies in its relaxed and leisurely atmosphere, perfectly aligning with the Slow Food movement’s ethos. The duo behind this venture, Víctor Quintillà in the culinary realm and Mar Gómez overseeing the dining experience, dedicate themselves to a philosophy of sustainable dining that prioritizes ingredients sourced from close by (such as chicken from Penedés, Duroc pigs, Xisqueta lambs, and pigeons supplied by the Tatjé family). Their culinary creations highlight these ingredients through sophisticated techniques that bring out their textures and flavors to the fullest.

Mont Bar

Mont Bar is a gem in Barcelona’s gastronomic landscape, offering a sophisticated menu that combines high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients with international influences. The restaurant is known for its eclectic and constantly evolving menu, featuring a mix of traditional dishes reimagined with innovative touches. Mont Bar’s cozy yet elegant setting complements its reputation for exceptional food and wine, making it a must-visit for those seeking a Michelin-starred experience that captures the essence of contemporary Catalan cuisine.


Another hotel restaurant, Oria features a bistro style dining room and a variety of exquisite dishes with Mediterranean roots. Chef Martín Berasategui draws a particular influence from the Basque region of Spain, which is widely known as another gastronomic hot spot.


The Intercontinental Barcelona’s gourmet restaurant, Quirat, exemplifies the hotel’s ambition to become more than just a place to stay but a destination for culinary enthusiasts. Quirat prides itself on representing “the purity and richness of the elements that constitute the land.” Under the guidance of Chef Víctor Torres, the restaurant offers a contemporary take on Catalan cuisine, emphasizing locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

Slow & Low

Slow & Low surprises and delights diners with its fusion of technical prowess, creative flair, and nuanced touches across every dish. Nestled near the Modernist-inspired Sant Antoni market, this dining spot is centered around an open kitchen concept, featuring two counters where guests can immerse themselves in the culinary artistry firsthand. Its menu, rich with international influences, blends global ingredients with a pronounced Mexican essence and hints of Thai cuisine, characterized by harmonious notes of acidity and spice, alongside exceptionally light salsas.


This intimite Japanese-style eatery situated near Sants railway station offers a unique dining experience reminiscent of a private home rather than a traditional restaurant. Here, patrons are treated to the spectacle of young chef Yoshikazu Suto meticulously preparing meals at the bar, with a few tables also available. The restaurant’s Omakase menu, a curated selection of both hot and cold dishes served simultaneously to all guests, showcases personalized Japanese-style creations culminating in exceptional nigiri made from the finest fish.


Tresmacarrons, nestled in the scenic outskirts of Barcelona, is a culinary gem that embodies the essence of Mediterranean gastronomy. Led by the visionary Chef Miquel Aldana, this restaurant offers a high-quality dining experience that is both authentic and contemporary. Tresmacarrons prides itself on its commitment to fresh, seasonal ingredients, sourced from the region’s rich agricultural landscape.

Via Veneto

Dine where Dali dined in a restaurant with a great history. Via Veneto’s classic yet frequently updated menus are enjoyed from one of the many dining areas throughout this multi-level historic restaurant. Featuring one of the most outstanding wine cellars in Barcelona, you will likely find a bottle exceeds your expectations.


Coming from four generations of restaurant owners and hoteliers, chef Fran López is true to his roots. The young and talented chef emphasizes fresh and local ingredients, and traditional recipes with a modern touch. He acquired his first Michelin Star at the age of 25 years old, becoming one of the youngest ever chefs to receive the honour. The Xerta restaurant received a star in 2016.


Two Michelin Star Restaurants in Barcelona

Cinc Sentits

Centrally located in the Eixample neighbourhood of Barcelona, chef Jordi Artal offers modern Catalan tasting menus that are both authentic, diverse, and flavourful. Menus feature 8-11 courses depending on your preference and change seasonally. If you’re a larger group, private rooms are also available for up to 40 guests.


Located in the luxurious Hotel Arts, the restaurant led by celebrated chef Paco Pérez offers a sophisticated take on Mediterranean cuisine, infused with global touches and elements of Asian fusion. At the heart of Pérez’s culinary approach is a deep respect for seasonal produce and a commitment to reimagining traditional concepts like “sea and mountains.”


The Mandarin Oriental Barcelona’s upscale dining venue is helmed by Raül Balam, who, beyond his own remarkable skills, reflects culinary influences from his mother, renowned chef Carme Ruscalleda. The menu celebrates Catalan creativity, Mediterranean healthfulness, and the distinct flavors of each ingredient through a thematic journey.



Three Michelin Star Restaurants in Barcelona


Jordi Cruz has gained Àbac’s third Michelin stars, making his restaurant the essential haute cuisine establishment in Barcelona. He reached such heights by creating cuisine filled with expertise and sophistication. Take, for example, the egg with asparagus. Sounds simple enough, but Cruz has done a number on the egg that is something out of an R&D think tank. First, the yolk is cooked at 62°C, then cured in salt water to give it just the exact subtle touch of salt. Served with white asparagus, a divinely thin slice of Serrano ham and a spoonful of caviar, it’s nothing less than spectacular.

Cocina Hermanos Torres

Created by Sergio and Javier Torres, the restaurant is designed to immerse diners in their culinary vision right in the heart of the dining area, showcasing three central cooking stations surrounded by tables, all under the soft glow of lights resembling clouds. The focus here is on an exceptional tasting menu that takes diners on a gourmet adventure, celebrating the finest seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. These are crafted into minimal yet impactful dishes, promising a feast for the senses.


As stated in the Michelin guide itself, “creativity, high technical skill, fantasy and good taste are the hallmarks of the three chefs here.” Enjoy one of the many tasting menus available in a modern atmosphere.


Martín Berasategui’s embassy at the Condes de Barcelona Hotel has become one of the essential restaurants not only in the city but in all of Catalonia and Spain, where people flock to marvel at the creativity of the chef. The sampling menu is a treat that everyone should have the chance to enjoy, at least once in a lifetime, and if possible, once a year.


The Michelin Green Star

The Michelin Green Star is a prestigious accolade awarded to restaurants that stand out for their commitment to sustainable gastronomy. This honor recognizes establishments that not only excel in culinary excellence but also embrace practices that have a positive impact on the environment. In Barcelona, two of the above mentioned restaurants have been honored with this award: Cocina Hermanos Torres and Lluerna.



The coastal region of Catalonia is well-known not just for their beautiful views and cultural richness but also for their exceptional food scene. This area is a hotspot for culinary talent, boasting several Michelin-starred restaurants that offer unique and memorable dining experiences. These restaurants excel in using fresh, local ingredients and combining them with creative cooking methods. Our team at Sitges Luxury Rentals has put together a list of all Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona for 2024, highlighting places like Aleia in its stunning location and Cocina Hermanos Torres and Lluerna, both recognized with a Michelin Green Star for their focus on sustainability. This guide aims to help our guests find the perfect dining spot for any occasion, ensuring a wonderful meal that lives up to the region’s reputation for world-class gastronomy.