Luxury villa in Sitges that will blow your mind

Reasons to rent a luxury villa in Sitges this summer:

Rent a luxury villa in Sitges is easier than it looks like. In fact, at Boosten Group we believe we believe we couldn’t make it more easy for you! Many people think that to rent a luxury villa in Sitges they have to go through complicated processes, that it always comes with many problems and complications and that it can be truly a headache. So, we decided to unmask some of these myths that so many people worry about it before going on holiday.

Spanish Sun

One of the biggest factors in Sitges and Barcelona is the weather. Spain has such an incredible climate. It’s not too cold in the winter and in the summer, temperatures reach over 30°C. Now that’s hot! There’s no better way to cool off from the summer heat than in the luxury of your private pool and of course, all the villas have AC.

Language is not a problem 

As we are an international company we can attend you in English, Dutch or even Swedish. You don’t need to worry about having to translate complicated contracts from Spanish to your language because we do this for you. Transparency is one of the most important things when it comes to renting a house. You don’t need to worry about this.

Enjoy real privacy

In a Hotel, you would probably be sharing the swimming pool with the other guests and you would be surrounded by tourists all day long. A private villa offers you a unique experience outside from the loud city in the middle of nature. Luxury villas in Sitges are usually situated outside of major metropolitan cities, therefore, they are tranquil and the perfect place to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing holiday.

Luxury amenities 

A luxury villa in Sitges usually has plenty of luxury amenities including big pools and a large barbecue. Our villas are ideal for parties and big dinners under the afternoon sun on the terrace. With a villa, you get extra space, your own swimming pool, and an opportunity to get to now Sitges for real from your own house.

Do you want to rent a luxury villa in Sitges? Contact us for more information! We have a great selection of villas in Sitges ready for you to enjoy, like villa catalina…:-)

Rent a Villa in Sitges?

I’m sure it has popped into your mind:

Where am I going to stay in Sitges? Well, besides from our indisputable knowledge of our beaches, we also know our way around the most amazing villas where you can stay during the summer. In fact, we can recommend a few right now:


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