Luxury Villa Barcelona Travel Essentials - What to bring

Luxury Villa Holiday – 4 Things to Take With You

Your luxury villa Sitges may be able to cater for just about anything your heart desires, but there’s always a few bits and pieces that you need to bring with you. Whether it be your favourite travel novel, lucky socks, or a couple of home comforts, there’s always a few things you need.

To make sure your break with us here in Barcelona goes off without a hitch, take a look at our ultimate travel checklist.

Travel adaptors to keep your phone ready to snap your next amazing shot

When you’re sunning yourself at your luxury villa in Barcelona, there’s going to be all manner of things you want to photograph. Whether it’s the stunning interiors, amazing views, or a plateful of delicious morsels, you’ll want to capture everything for a lifetime.

To ensure your iPhone lasts the duration, make sure you pack a spare charging cable and a couple of travel adaptors. Even if you’re reading this in departures, there’s still plenty of time to go grab something before takeoff. Ideal if you want to be able to send plenty of snaps to your friends and family back home.

Plenty of warm weather clothes so you can make the most of the sun

The beautiful thing about the weather here in Barcelona, is that you can finally enjoy virtually unbroken sunshine. This means that your jeans and shirts are only needed if you want to dress up for a late evening meal in town. Bring plenty of lightweight breathable clothes that will allow you to lie back and relax as you top up your tan.

If you want to go further afield for a day out, then take a small backpack and plenty of bottled water so that you can change your layers. Perfect for embracing everything that the local area has to offer.

Swimwear so you can enjoy a dip in the pool whenever you feel like it

You might have your heart set on a plunge in the sea, or you may want to keep things closer to home with a dip in the pool. When you holiday with us, the choice is yours; just make sure you have a couple of changes of swimwear and some flip flops. That way there’ll be nothing stopping you from enjoying your time in the sun.

Luxury Villa Holiday Novel

There’s so much to see and do in Barcelona, that from time to time you want to be able to lie back and do nothing. You need that little bit of time to take it all in and just be at peace. How do you do it? By taking a page turner with you so that you can lie in the sun and lose yourself in a new adventure. Before you know it you’ll have worked up an appetite and it’ll be time to head into town to find something delicious to cook up back at your villa.

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