Get a taste of the museums of Sitges

Sitges is not only about beach and party, the also a very rich cultural life that we can find in the street and in museums. Here he have a selection of our favourite museum of Sitges you just must visit.

Maricel Museum 

The Maricel Museum exhibits a complete artistic route from the tenth century to realism and figuration during the first half of the twentieth century, passing through the art collections of Dr. Jesús Pérez Rosales and the Collection of Sitges, with works of great quality. The museum exhibition integrates multiple languages, techniques and artistic media in order to achieve a maximum consistency in the chronological sequence of the development of the arts.

The museum included works from the collection of Dr. Jesús Pérez-Rosales that never had been exhibited in public, acquisitions by the Sitges Heritage Association since 2012 (Ramon Casas, Miquel Utrillo, Arcadi Mas i Fondevila, Artur Carbonell i Augustí Ferrer Pino) ​​and donations from artist’s relatives (Pere Jou and Alfred Sisquella).The museum’s own collection was complemented with several works from loans and deposits from art collections of the Government of Catalonia, the Museum of the Provincial Government of Barcelona and the Montserrat Museum, primarily with artists from “Modernisme” and “Noucentisme” linked to Sitges as Ramon Casas, Joaquim Sunyer, Lola Anglada, Pere Jou and Alfred Sisquella, among others. It also emphasizes the incorporation of valuable pieces of furniture from the ancestral home of Can Falç, currently under restoration.

Museum Cau Ferrat 

The Cau Ferrat Museum was founded in 1893 by the artist Santiago Rusiñol (1861-1931) as a home workshop and became public museum in 1933, preserving the artistic spirit inspired by his founder. The Museum contains collections of ancient art gathered by the artist (painting, forge, ceramics, glass, archeology, sculpture and furniture) and modern art (painting, drawing, sculpture) with works by Rusiñol, Casas, Picasso R. Pichot, Mas i Fondevila, Zuloaga, Regoyos and Degouwe of Nucques, Henry Clarasó Manolo Hugué and Pau Gargallo, among others. The activities organized by Rusiñol with the participation of artists, musicians and writers transformed Cau Ferrat in the Temple of “Modernisme”…

Painting, drawing, sculpture, wrought iron, ceramic, glass and much of the plastic art authored by Rusiñol itself form a unique artistic ensemble that, alongside with the building hosting the works, are an example of how “Modernisme” revered all art forms. It is the first must-see visit among all the museums of Sitges.

Romantic Museum 

The Romantic Museum Can Llopis is housed in a neoclassical building built in 1793. Owes its name to the first owner, the notary Manuel Llopis i Fals, he bought the house from his cousin, Josep Bonaventura Falç i Roger, who initially had built it for him within the land he urbanized outside the walls of the town, which was the first extension of Sitges during late eighteenth century.


The Llopis family was one of the most important in Sitges, a line of landlords and merchants of wines, spirits and Malvasia, lawyers, historians and diplomats of liberal ideology and conservative character. The descendants of Manuel Llopis i Fals became immersed in the culture of the Renaxença, or Catalan Rebirth. For a time, they were the managers of the new postal service, as indicated with a lion head mailbox located next to the main door of building. Bernardí Llopis i Pujol (1814-1891) became one of the most influential and popular characters in Sitges during the nineteenth century; his son Joan Llopis i Bofill, wrote the first history of Sitges, “l’Assaig històric sobre la Vila de Sitges” (Historical Essay on Sitges) (1886), based on the documentation of the municipal archives under his care.


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