Spanish Cuisine: Exploring the Myths

Ask any Sitges resident what they think about the local cuisine and one thing is for sure; you’ll hear plenty of fresh ideas that explode the myths about Spanish food. Let’s take a look at a few of the things that may take you by surprise.

There’s Far More to it Than Spice

Head to any Mexican restaurant and you’ll hear plenty of Spanish being spoken, but that doesn’t mean that the two countries share similar ideas when it comes to food. Spicy re-fried beans and all manner of different wraps never make it onto a Spanish menu which is great for those of you keen to avoid burning your tastebuds!

There will be a little bit of spiced paprika flavoured chorizo but that’s about it again when it comes to the world of sizzling spice.

Tapas are Eaten All Day Long

It’s probably Spain’s most famous culinary export, but when you pop around to someone’s house for an afternoon they’re unlikely to have a huge platter waiting for you. People will much more commonly eat either family style or create a simple two course meal at home.

Going out for tapas is popular of course, but so is sharing larger family style plates of food or just sitting down for a full course meal.

Everyone Loves Sangria

It’s the typical Spanish drink that tourists buy in their droves the minute the wheels hit the runway, but for the locals it’s just another drink. The sangria market is largely directed at tourists who want to sample something they can’t really get back home.

Don’t be surprised if your Sitges luxury rental is one of the few homes on the street that samples this delightful tipple during your stay. For the locals there are just so many other mouthwatering options.

Paella is All About Seafood

This is one dish that has been something of a hot topic recently with chefs all over the world creating their own versions to very mixed receptions. It may hail from Valencia rather than here in Sitges, but it’s a dish that is known right around the globe.

You may think of it as traditionally being based on rice and infused with all manner of seafood but its roots actually go back quite a lot further. An in-depth survey of paella chefs found that the traditional recipe contained anything from snails and rabbit, to tomatoes and chicken.

It’s All About the Veggies

This is something that many people believe because of Spain’s mediterranean roots. Interestingly a lot of restaurants will not serve all that much fresh veg with their meals. People in this part of the world certainly love healthy living, but they tend to keep the veg on the family dining table at home.

Don’t get us wrong, you shouldn’t be shocked if you see a side dish of veggies in a restaurant, but don’t be too surprised if one doesn’t materialise either.


Hopefully this has given you a little food for thought and helped you to see Spanish cuisine from a different angle. Enjoy!

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