Platja De La Fragata Sitges

The Platja de la Fragata is one of the most popular beaches in Sitges because of its central location, calm seas, and soft sand. When you head into town from your Sitges rental why not spend an afternoon sunning yourself on the Fragata so that you can experience an authentic experience the locals love to this day?

Let’s take a look at just a few of the things this beautiful part of the town has in store for you.

Location of Platja De La Fragata Sitges

The beautiful thing about the Fragata is that it is just a stone’s throw from the centre of town. This makes it the perfect place to base yourself if you want a relaxing day by the sea. Breaking things up is easy as all you have to do is stroll across the street and you’re already heading into town. It also means that it’s nice and easy to get to and from almost any location. Perfect for the rest and relaxation you’ve been looking for.

A Great Place For Families

The calm ocean currents and the large open spaces make the Fragata a beach that caters for all ages. If you have a young family then this could be the ideal place to let the little ones have a paddle and play in the soft sand. It’s not too busy, but has plenty of lively activities to keep youngsters entertained — the perfect balance when you want to relax in the summer sun.

Volleyball With the Locals

There’s no better way to experience the culture of Catalonia than to spend time amongst a few of the locals here in Sitges. Volleyball is an ever-popular pastime that you’re sure to see being played everywhere you look. Get yourself involved and then enjoy an ice cool drink afterwards. Not only will you have a lot of fun, you’ll also be recommended a whole host of other activities to try and foods to sample in your time here. Ideal if you want to experience the authentic experience you can’t get from staying on a resort.

Explore the Coast of Platja De La Fragata Sitges

Whether you want to walk along the coast or have a gentle outing in a pedalo for a few hours, the Fragata offers something for everyone. The scenery is stunning and yet easy to traverse at the same time which makes it perfect for a gentle jaunt. Take your camera with you and be sure to snap any local eateries that have caught your eye. Your neighbours will be able to give you some local insight into what you should order if you decide to pay a visit.

Sant Bartomeu’s

The beauty of the setting lies in the vicinity of the nearby church. It’s a striking piece of architecture that overlooks the sandy beach and gives the Fragata its unique charm. Be sure to get a couple of panoramic shots that capture the full scene so that you can take away a few memories that will last a lifetime. You could even read up a little on the local history and talk to the locals about how this beautiful building came to be right by the beach.


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