Enjoy the Best Food in Barcelona with a Home Chef

One of the greatest ways to enjoy food in Barcelona and Sitges is to hire your own home chef. You may think that home chefs in Barcelona are only for those who need an extra hand with a formal dinner or meeting, or those who are extremely rich. Whilst it’s true that some of our customers have these needs and backgrounds, we cater to a huge range of people. Don’t be put off hiring a home chef for your vacation or event today! A range of people we cater to include (but are not limited to):

  • Families
  • Couples
  • Formal events
  • Informal events
  • Weddings
  • Anyone wishing to enjoy the privacy of a villa without the cooking that usually goes with it
  • Anyone on a business trip
  • Everyone who wants to eat fresh, local and delicious food

Even if you don’t fit into any of the categories above, we can most certainly cater for you. Our top home chefs have the most admirable kitchen skills. They can whip you up meals and snacks to suit your palate and event or occasion.

Can Home Chefs Create Delicious Meals Even Though I have a Special Dietary Requirement?


Our chefs in Barcelona and Sitges are the best chefs around. There isn’t anything they cannot do! (As long as it’s food related, of course!).


Despite the fact that veganism is becoming more mainstream, it can still be extremely difficult to travel and feel comfortable when dining out in a foreign country. We understand this, and we want your vacation to be thoroughly enjoyable. This is why our home chefs go above and beyond in making sure that vegans can wine and dine on their holiday, without missing out on any of the flavour!


Like our vegan diners, we want our vegetarian diners to experience Barcelona and Sitges through their stomach, just as any other diner would!


Gluten and Dairy Intolerance

Gluten and dairy intolerances (or any other kind of intolerance/allergy) are possibly the most difficult when travelling abroad. It can be hard to communicate with the restaurant and quite often, even if you’ve managed to communicate with the establishment, they cannot accommodate to you. Our home chefs will always guarantee a satisfying meal, without using any ingredients that don’t agree with you.

Our home chefs are able to create delectable meals, no matter what your dietary requirement. If you’re unsure, just ask!

What Food Exactly Is on Offer?

Our menus are customisable, so there isn’t much that isn’t on offer. However, some of our set menus will give you an idea of the kind of food we’re capable of preparing. The dishes shown in our menus have proven very popular amongst our customers – so much so, we rarely have to change our recipes.

Food needs to be extra special sometimes, especially if you’re having a wedding. We’ve created some excellent dishes for weddings. Be careful! Our home chefs have perfectly crafted our wedding menus; if you’re not planning a wedding, you may end up doing after seeing the delicious food on offer.

If you’re wondering whether our home chefs are suitable for your wedding, we can guarantee that they are. Wedding catering is simply more than throwing down a meal in front of your guests. In fact, there are so many questions you need to consider when filling the empty stomachs of your guests. Do I need to give my guests starters? What about mains? Do I need to feed them twice? Are all questions you may be thinking of, and once you’ve found the answer to one, another one pops up. Our home chefs can help you answer all of these, plus:

  • Provide welcome drinks
  • Set up and clean up
  • Recommend good wines to compliment your food
  • Use fresh and local ingredients


Our home chefs know that a wedding isn’t a wedding without great people, great food, and great wine. You bring the guests; our chefs will use their passion and dedication to bring the rest.

Not quite married yet, but fancy a lovely hen/stag do in Barcelona? Consider hiring one of our home chefs so that you can enjoy your time with the guys and gals, whilst still enjoying some incredible food. Picture this:

Morning/afternoon: arrive at your villa, take a dip in the glistening swimming pool, and enjoy brunch with a few cocktails.

Evening: enjoy a wonderfully prepared meal with your party and head out to celebrate your hen do or stag do in Barcelona.


If having your hen do in Barcelona has been on your mind, we really suggest considering hiring a home chef to help you spend more time celebrating your big day with your friends. There are hundreds of activities on offer for those wishing to celebrate here. Once you’ve done your research, you’ll be anxiously waiting for one of your other friends to get married, so that you can participate in more Barcelona hen do activities!

Of course, our home chefs don’t just create beautiful dishes for weddings and hen parties in Barcelona, they’re enthusiastic about creating dishes for all people.

If you’re wondering why you should hire a home chef if you’re not hosting a large event (such as a wedding or something similar), keep reading for our top ten reasons to hire a home chef:

  1. It’s Healthy

If you’re a health conscious person, your diet shouldn’t suffer just because you’re on holiday. Our home chefs are capable of crafting the finest of meals, without hindering your waistline!

  1. You Have Privacy

If you’ve come to Barcelona and Sitges to get away from it all for a while, you’ll probably want to dine in peace. Whilst restaurants may be able to cook up beautifully tasting dishes, a lot of the time, they cannot offer the privacy you want. You’ll have restaurant quality in the privacy of your villa when you hire one of our chefs in Barcelona.

  1. Gives You a Chance to Try New Food

Have you ever been abroad and not had a clue what the local food was all about, but desperately wanted to try it without struggling with the language barrier? If the answer is yes, a home chef is the answer. They’ll be able to suggest some of the tastiest local delicacies around!

  1. Everything Is on the Menu

One issue with restaurants is that you usually have to eat whatever is in the dish, even if there are some ingredients you don’t enjoy. This never happens when you hire a home chef! Whatever you want can be created to please your palate and/or dietary needs.

  1. It’s Better for the Environment

When you go shopping on holiday, you may end up buying multiple ingredients (spices, condiments, sauces etc) that you won’t use all of. Buying ingredients like this can be bad for the environment. By hiring a home chef, you’ll do a lot less damage because although the ingredients will be brought in for each customer, tools and certain condiments will be reused – it’s a lot greener this way!

  1. You’ll Waste Less Food

Like number 5 in the list – hiring a home chef means you’ll waste less food. Our home chefs will design menus around you and make sure they’re created with as little waste as possible. Our teams know that food needs to be good for the planet, as well as our customers!

  1. You Can Enjoy Your Holiday More

Do we need to say more? Go and enjoy your holiday and let our home chefs do the cooking! They’ll also help with the inescapable washing up that cooking yourself leaves behind.

  1. The Passion

Have you ever watched a cooking programme? I’ll bet the chefs you enjoy watching on the television talk passionately about their food. Every single ingredient is sacred. Our home chefs are exactly like this. They put their heart and soul into your food, something you wouldn’t get from throwing something together quickly.

  1. Chefs Know All About the Latest Food

Trends don’t just exist in the world of fashion! Trying the latest food trends is always exciting, and by hiring a personal chef in Barcelona and Sitges, you’ll be able to ask them about the latest food trends they’ve heard of and are able to recreate for you.

  1.  You’ll Have a Great Variety

It’s easy to fall into the habit of making the same meals over and over again after you’ve been sightseeing or have a family to cook for. Our team of chefs will keep food exciting by creating a large variety of dishes for you.

The list above only shows the top ten reasons for hiring a home chef. Once you hire one, we’re sure you’ll have more of your own reasons to add to the list.

Some Barcelona Foods We Think You should Indulge In!

Our chefs will most certainly recommend some fantastic dishes to suit your tastes and lifestyle, however, there are some local dishes we think you’d be crazy to not try! They’re just so tasty and the variety is immense.

Get your bellies ready!

Crema Catalana

This creamy, lemony and cinnamony delight is not to be missed. If you have a sweet tooth, it’s a perfect way to finish a savoury meal. Even those who don’t usually go for a dessert will love this one – it’s so good!


Alioli may be one of the best sauces ever invented. It’s garlicky and creamy and pairs well with various bread and meats. You’ll be searching for recipes upon your arrival home for this heavenly delight.


There is no better way to enjoy fresh cod than by tantalising your tastebuds with esqueixada. The saltiness of the cod and the tangy taste of the onions and tomatoes mixed together are a perfect match.


Mel i Mató

Another dessert, but it’s so tasty, we would be nuts to miss it off the list! This glorious dessert is a Catalan classic. Made from Mató (local cheese) and drizzled with nuts and honey, it’s creamy and sweet at the same time. Is your mouth is watering just thinking about it?

Many will agree that a trip to Spain isn’t complete without paella and tapas! That’s right, and your home chef in Barcelona and Sitges will gladly whip you some of your favourite tapas and paella for you – just be sure to try some of the traditional Catalan dishes too!


Usually, in Barcelona, locals will eat a light breakfast with a coffee early in the morning. At around 11am, they’ll have a heavier and more substantial breakfast to keep them going until around 2-3pm. It’s time for lunch at around this time. Next is dinner time, which is a lot later than when most British people enjoy their meals. Fortunately, if this way of eating doesn’t suit you, that’s fine! Our home chefs will prepare your meals to suit your schedule.

Sound Great? We want you to have the best holiday in Barcelona, so we’ve compiled a simple guide on how to pick the right holiday chef:

Reviews Are Your Best Friend!

One of the greatest things about the internet is being able to check reviews. Customers love nothing more than to give feedback about their experiences with different companies. If you’re struggling to choose the chefs that’s right for you, let the customers do the talking! Their reviews will be the most honest opinions, so if you read some great comments, you’re pretty much guaranteed a great personal chef. Make sure you leave a fair review after the services you use are finished too.

Communication Is Key

Talk to the agency or company you’re considering what you require specifically. If they are enthusiastic about helping you from day one, you’ll know you’re onto a winner.

Keep Your Event in Mind

Some chefs may specialise in certain dishes or events more than others. This is important to consider when you’re hiring a home chef. Always keep your event/occasion in mind when making enquiries.

Know Exactly What You Want

If you’re passionate about sustainable food sources or have specific dietary needs, make this clear to your chef from the start. Knowing exactly what you want will help you in your search greatly.

Trials and Interviews

Your stay in Barcelona and Sitges may be for a longer term. If this is the case and you want to hire a home chef for quite some time, you need to get the perfect home chef from the start. Once you’ve narrowed down your home chefs to a couple, ask them if they offer sampler meals and trials to see which food you enjoy the most. You can also ask them questions (like an interview) and ask to see their chef qualifications.

Why Hire a Home Chef in Barcelona and Sitges?

Hiring a home chef is a great way to enjoy your life in any region, but it is even better in Barcelona and Sitges. Why? The people of Catalonia are keen about creating flavoursome food and create one of Europe’s largest food clusters.

There is nowhere better to hire a home chef than this place.

Common Questions You May Have (FAQs)

We’ve been in the industry for years; we know that there may be a few worries you may have when hiring a home chef. To put your mind at ease, we’ve given you some of the most commonly asked queries from customers, along with the answers you should expect.

I cannot speak the local language, will I have trouble communicating with my home chef?

No. Home holiday chef teams are multilingual. Drop an email and your needs will be accommodated to.

I really love ______ food, can you send a chef that specialises in these dishes?

Absolutely. Our chefs will always cook your favourite dishes!

Do I have to help prepare the food and do the washing up?

Our chefs will take care of all the work for you. From shopping to cleaning up, plus everything in between. In some exceptional cases, we may require some light assistance in cleaning up.

Are the meals cooked in the villa?

Yes, they are. This ensures the freshest and tastiest food. Food cooked earlier and reheated later is just not up to standard.


How to Find the Best Food in Barcelona When You’re Out for the Day and Haven’t Got Time to Return to Your Home Chef

Your home chef will fill your tummy with goodies and meals throughout your stay, but there may be some days you’ll spend away from your villa. How do you find the best food in Barcelona and Sitges on these days? You’ll be used to some of the finest food from your villa chef and you’ll want any food you eat out in Barcelona to be on par with the other food you’ve eaten, so we’re going to share some of our tips on how to find the best food in Barcelona and Sitges:

  1. Use Social Media

Social media isn’t just for showing off your latest beach selfie, it’s also a brilliant way to track down the latest food trends and hot restaurants. Use Facebook to search for local restaurants in Barcelona. You’ll be able to read reviews, see pictures, and see what the latest deals and discounts are. Instagram is also one of the best ways to check out food in Barcelona. Think hashtags every time and use them to search: #Sitges #Sitgesfood #Barcelona #Barcelonafood #veganBarcelona are just a few! Get creative and use Instagram as much as possible. Searching online pinboards like Pinterest is another way to find great food places in your area.

  1. Ask Your Home Chef Directly

If you’re popping out for the day and your chef is with you at breakfast time, ask him or her where they recommend in the area. They’ll probably know some fantastic places to eat, and if they’re locals, they’ll know some restaurants that are lesser known to tourists.

3.Use Your Senses and Be Experimental

Although the best food is often found by reading reviews and searching through guidebooks and web pages, you cannot beat letting your senses guide you. If you walk by a restaurant and you smell something incredible, making you salivate, give it a go! Who cares if it’s not managed to become Instagram famous? A pretty picture doesn’t always mean tasty food, so just give it a go.

4.Look for the Locals

If you see a restaurant that locals are queuing up for, it’s probably good. The same goes for tourists, but the opposite. If you see a huge queue of tourists (and locals passing by), it may not be the best food out there.

5.Don’t Be Nervous

You may feel nervous to eat out because the food is new and you don’t speak the language. Food is a universal language and one that is most certainly enjoyed by all in Barcelona and Sitges. Relax, use body language and enjoy your time.

6.Dine at the Right Time

Britons usually enjoy their lunch at around 12-1pm. The people of Barcelona and Sitges find this too early, so be prepared to eat slightly later. You may find some food earlier than this, but for a real authentic and full meal, eat slightly later. Many restaurants also offer deals throughout lunchtime, saving you a few pennies.

7.Ask for Recommendations from Your Server

Great restaurants will often give you an honest opinion on what to order from the menu that day (watch out for those who just want a hard sell). It’s OK to ask for other recommendations based on your own tastes, too. For an extra special lunchtime treat, ask your server which wine or beer pairs well with the dish you’ve selected. A good drink and a good food dish result in a great meal overall.

8.Do a Food Tour

By investing in a home chef and in taking a food tour in Barcelona, you’ll really become a food know it all. Who knows, you could end up becoming a first-class critic.

However you decide to enjoy the food in Barcelona and Sitges when you’re home chef isn’t around, you’ll find some delicious dishes and create fantastic memories in this wonderful city and its surrounding areas!

Take Some of the Local Tastes Home with You

We’re sure you’ll be sad to say goodbye to your home chef. It means no more local food lovingly made for you. Consider taking a Barcelona cooking class to learn how to recreate the dishes your home chef has made for you. Once you get home, you’ll be able to excitedly shop for beautiful ingredients and impress your friends and family with some wonderful Catalan dishes.

Convenience, dietary requirements, and the best way to enjoy fresh, local, and healthy ingredients all contribute to why hiring a home chef is the best way to enjoy your time in Barcelona. However, you’ll see for yourself that the main factor to food in Barcelona and Sitges is the passion. From home chefs to locals, servers and more, the people of Catalonia all go about their daily lives differently, staying connected by their love of food. We’re sure that once your trip is over, you’ll see food in a new light too.

Enjoy your trip and eat well!


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