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10 Festivals in Barcelona you can’t miss in 2023

In this article, Sitges Luxury Rentals lists the best festivals happening in Barcelona in 2023:

  1. Festes de la Merce
  2. Fira Barcelona Bridal Show
  3. Sónar Music Festival
  4. Primavera Sound Festival
  5. La Mercè Street Arts Festival
  6. Sitges Carnival
  7. Festes de Gràcia
  8. Nit de Sant Joan
  9. La Diada Nacional de Catalunya
  10. Grec Theatre Festival

If you want to know more about each festival, continue reading our article here below.


Festes de la Merce

Festes de la Merce is a six-day long festival held annually in Barcelona, Catalonia on the occasion of the Monday closest to 24th September. Professional and amateur sports competitions, live music performances, theater plays, firework shows and authentic local food add to the festivities of this fest. People from around the world come to witness so many celebrated events that occur during this time. It is also one of the major tourist hotspots because of its unique cultural extravaganza. People can also look forward to some remarkable handcrafts that are displayed along with many performing arts. Tourists can count on Fun activities such as parades and flower offerings to Mare de Deu de la Mercè (patroness). This year it will definitely be a sight worth remembering!


Fira Barcelona Bridal Show

The Fira Barcelona Bridal Show is a premier professional wedding exhibition that takes place annually at the Fira de Barcelona trade fair center. Professional exhibitors from around the world gather at this event to showcase the latest trends and fashion for both brides and grooms. Not just for those looking to tie the knot, the show also presents an excellent opportunity for tourists who want to get immersed in the culture of Barcelona; locals practice customs such as trying on gowns and accessories in preparation for this special day. With something for everyone, the Fira Barcelona Bridal Show continues to be a popular event every year.


Sónar Music Festival

The Sónar Music Festival is one of the most professional music festivals in the world, held annually in Barcelona. This festival brings together a range of top international artists and renowned DJs from the electronic music scene, drawing both tourists and professionals alike. Professional attendees have access to networking events, conferences, workshops and exhibitions – all geared towards exploring current trends in digital creativity, technology and audiovisual arts. Meanwhile, a vibrant atmosphere on tours and around the venue provides every visitor with an unforgettable experience. Those trips can also include activities such as swimming or sailing alongside performances by some of the brightest names on the music circuit. Ultimately, Sónar Festival is a uniting force that bonds different cultures.


Primavera Sound Festival

The Primavera Sound Festival is a one-of-a-kind experience for any professional or tourist visiting Spain. For the past twenty years, this music festival has been held annually in Barcelona, showcasing some of the leading up-and-coming and already established acts in the industry. Not only does the event feature live music from numerous genres such as rock, electronic, pop and hip-hop, but attendees also have access to an interactive film programme and other activities from talks to art exhibitions. With its dynamic and ever evolving atmosphere, Primavera Sound is always a must-see event for all its participants!


La Mercè Street Arts Festival

La Mercè Street Arts Festival is an annual extravaganza of spectacles that celebrate Barcelona’s lively culture and artistry. Professional street performers, touring companies, acrobats, puppeteers, and more showcase their skills for thousands of tourists and locals alike. The week-long parade takes place in the heart of the city and features pageants with towering giants up to 9 meters tall. Revelers can take in theater shows, concerts, giant murals created by prominent street artists as well as workshops teaching artistic traditions uncovering the history of Barcelona – all included in this epic festival. Whether attending as a tourist or a local professional looking to be inspired, La Mercè Street Arts Festival will leave you feeling uplifted and excited about life’s possibilities.


Sitges Carnival

The Sitges Carnival is an annual event held in the seaside town of Sitges, just outside Barcelona. Professional entertainers join local revelers dressed in fascinating costumes to create a unique atmosphere. Professional groups parade along Avenida Barcelona and provide a vivid spectacle amid music and dancing. Tourists are equally mesmerized by this lively event which features an abundance of creative masks, floats, and plenty of partying. Those who attend the carnival partake in many traditional activities like sardana dance, congreso song and theatre performances. A highlight of every year’s festivities include the famous Correfocs or fire-runs which excites everyone who attends. From professional performers to enthused tourists, the Sitges Carnival is surely an experience that shouldn’t be missed!


Festes de Gràcia

Festes de Gràcia is an annual festival in Barcelona that takes place in mid-August. Professional decorations adorn the streets of the Gràcia neighborhood as local citizens compete for awards. Visitors can wander the illuminated streets and take in the unique atmosphere only found at the Festes de Gràcia. Professional fireworks light up the night sky, accompanied by musical performances and other events. Tourists won’t want to miss out on experiencing this iconic Catalan tradition rooted in community pride.


Nit de Sant Joan

Barcelona’s Nit de Sant Joan is an annual event that captivates both professional and tourist visitors. Celebrated on June 23rd, those partaking in festivities will parade through the streets, marveling at colorful decorations, handcrafted fireworks displays and a sky filled with lanterns. Citywide events such as concerts and firework shows also commemorate this national holiday. A more modern addition to the celebration is the revelry of bar hopping to popular venues in which calçotada dishes are served in large quantities of fun. Professional locals take participating seriously as well; for them it’s a great chance to share stories and commiserate over past experiences. No matter your level of familiarity with Nit de Sant Joan it can be appreciated by all who visit Barcelona during the month of June.


La Diada Nacional de Catalunya

La Diada Nacional de Catalunya is a yearly event in Barcelona that celebrates the culture of Catalonia and its identity. Professional and tourist alike come to acknowledge the day with both respect and enthusiasm. As one of the city’s biggest events, locals take part in displays of culture as they bring traditional music, parades, and Catalan folklore to central Barcelona. As the city honours this important holiday, many businesses host open-air concerts, feasts of local produce, activities for children, and other forms of entertainment. With so much on offer to those who attend La Diada Nacional de Catalunya in Barcelona, it’s an occasion not to be missed for anyone looking for a true taste of Catalan culture.


Grec Theatre Festival

Barcelona’s annual festival of Greek theatre has become an integral part of the city’s cultural landscape. Professional and amateur theatre productions come together to showcase an amazing variety of plays, from the comedic works of Aristophanes to more modern interpretations. In addition to celebrating the great works of this renowned culture, attendees have the opportunity to experience breathtaking production values and special effects. This encompassing viewing experience is a must-see for anyone who loves theatre as well as visitors looking to get a taste of Barcelona’s diverse cultural contributions. Professional actors and technicians put their hearts into every performance while providing plenty of opportunities for tourists to interact with some of the most highly-skilled professionals in the world. The Grec Theatre Festival in Barcelona is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that should not be missed!

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