5 Reasons NOT to Leave Your Luxury Sitges Rental

When you’re on a luxury holiday in Spain, it’s easy to get caught up in all the things to see and do in the area around you. For instance, in Barcelona, there are entertaining fiestas and parades to see, delicious restaurants to eat at, and incredible monuments to visit. But holidays are about rest as much as they are culture, so sometimes you might find that a relaxing day in your luxury Spanish villa is just what you and your family need. Here are five excuses to have just that!

1. Get yourself a private chef

There’s nothing more relaxing than being pampered and there’s no better pampering than being cooked for! By hiring an expert chef to come to your luxury Barcelona villa to cook exquisite cuisine just for you and your friends or family, you’re treating yourself to much more than a meal – this is a whole experience. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the best food that Spain has to offer! Ask us for more details – our in-house catering team can help.

2. Have a barbecue

When the weather is warm, you just can’t beat a barbecue by the pool. Get the meat on the grill, the drinks flowing, and the swimsuits on, and you’re all set. Go for barbecue classics, such as burgers and chicken, but add some Spanish flavour here and there to give it a truly authentic feel. Think spiced chicken and Mediterranean salads, and if you can rustle up some tapas as an accompaniment, all the better. Oh, and don’t forget the sangria!

3. Throw your own fiesta

Though there’s plenty to do in Barcelona, including some festivals you’d be loathe to miss, you don’t need to live your Spanish villa to have a party. Put some tapas together, get some traditional Spanish music on, and practise dancing the Flamenco or the Sardana. Don’t forget the Rioja, and consider hiring some entertainment, such as professional dancers or acrobats to really give your fiesta atmosphere!

4. Take a siesta day

When you’re on an action-packed holiday, taking the traditional Spanish siesta can be tricky – it’s not always easy to fit it into your day when you don’t have a real routine! But we all need a rest, even when we’re on holiday, and taking that nap during the hottest hours of the day can be a truly restful – and refreshing – experience. So save a day to stay at your Sitges villa, or at least close-by, swimming, cooking, and laughing, and retreat to your bed for that all-important siesta. You’ll be glad you did.

5. Learn to cook Spanish cuisine

Expand your cooking repertoire and eat some delicious food at the same time by getting you and your friends a cooking lesson – right in the comfort of your Spanish villa. Our in-house chef will combine cooking, storytelling, and teaching to give you the culinary experience of a lifetime. You’ll get to eat authentic Spanish cuisine, in your own villa, and experience to take home with you so that you can recreate meals even once the lesson is over.

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