5 myths about renting luxury villas in Spain

When it comes to renting a luxury villas in Spain, a lot of people believe this comes with many problems and complications, but the truth is, it’s much easier than it seems. To continue, we will unmask some of these myths that so many people worry about it before going on holiday.

Renting a villa is complicated 

This is absolutly not true, in fact, nothing could be further from this afirmation. The only thing you have to do is check out our villas, castles and townhouses on our portfolio on the website. From there you just have to choose which one your think suits you more. Once you’ve decided you just have to contact us, by phone, email o come visit us and we will solve all your doubts and help you with the process.

A villa doesn’t offer the services that a hotel does

Ok… Maybe this is a little bit true, but the are many advantatges to consider. First of all the privacy. You would bump into other people in the hallway because you will be the only one in the villa. Second of all and very important, the swimming pool is only for you. No kids jumping around and the good thing is that the surroundings of Sitges are spectacular, so you can enjoy your luxury swimming pool while being in a natural envoirement. You can also invite all your friends to your villa and enjoy together.

It’s too expensive 

For a family or group of friends renting a villa is better in value than staying in a hotel, with exclusive benefits. The better you fit the maximum capacity of the villa, the lower the costs. Rather than paying for 3, 4 or 5 separate hotel rooms in high season. With a villa you get extra space, your own swimming pool, and a opportunity to get to know Sitges and Barcelona for real.

Booking a holiday rental is unreliable

Booking a vacation home is unreliable with the Internet comes the occasional scammer. We all know this to be true. But when you book a property through a reliable property management company, you can rest assured the property you book is the property you get and they won’t give your reservation to someone else.

If something happens, it’s your fault

Some people mistakenly assume that they are responsible for any damage or breakage that occurs. If the air conditioning fails or the roof leaks, you won’t be held accountable unless it can be proven you caused it. You won’t have to mow the lawn or arrange trash removal. It’s just like a hotel room – relax and enjoy!

So as you can see, renting luxury villas in Spain is much easier than it looks like, and if you still have doubts don’t hesitate to contacto us for any question on our luxury villas in Spain.



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